F1 Visa Approved - Second Attempt Hyderabad - Jan 2021 - MBA

F1 Visa Interview Experience – First Attempt – Denied. Second Attempt – Approved – Jan 2021 – MBA

Hey Everyone,
Here’s is my F1 Visa Experience that was approved on Jan 2021 in US Consulate Hyderabad, India.

F1 Interview: First Attempt – Hyderabad

  • FIRST ATTEMPT- Hyderabad
  • 30-Dec-2020 @ 9:45 am
  • Status: Refused (214b)

CO (American) Male around 28-30yrs!

He takes long interview (20-25mts) for all the applicants facing him, he will be calmly and very slow asking lots of Questions based on your application.

ME: Hello Officer, Good Morning, How you doing today?
CO: Good Morning.

CO: Please show me Your Passport Barcode.
ME: Trying to find gap in the window so that I can give him my Passport.

CO: Just show me your passport barcode through window, and then he took the scan of the barcode which was pasted on OFC day.
CO: Show me Your i20 through window, and then he began reading…. Master’s in Business Administration and Management and then he Read my College name Institute Of Technology.

CO: Tell me about your Job.
ME: Sir I’m **** Officer worked at Facilities Management Company in Saudi Arabia.

CO: Describe me about your work.
ME: I do so and so explained him in detail.

CO: Your Graduation Pass Out Year.
ME: 2014.

CO: Why you choose MBA?
ME: Sir bcoz after my Graduation I’ve done PG Diploma In ****, in that I’ve management subject which has only basic information about management, I choose MBA so that I get depth knowledge and apply for higher position in my Company.

CO: Any relative in USA.
ME: No

CO: You said your work involves crowd management too, can you tell me how you control the crowd.
ME: By making so & so (explained), If there’s huge crowd we inform the Security and close the entrance doors of our Project.

CO: Ho that’s very large crowded place, even I know people come there for doing **** & ****.
ME: Yes Sir the crowd is nearly 2-2.5 Million Visitors.

CO: Why this Course? (Second Time he asked the same question).
ME: Sir as I told you that I’m **** Professional and done PG Diploma in that just basic information about the Management so chosen MBA to get depth knowledge and I also spoke to my HR and he told me if I gain MBA he’ll give me higher post in the company. Then CO turned off his Mic and spoke to the guy who’s behind him (Observing our conversation), then they discussed for 4-5 minutes by moving their fingers on the Monitor.

CO: Typed nearly 2-3 mts and from side he took out light green paper 214b handed over me and asked me to take it & said…

You’re ineligible for the Visa this time, better luck next time and best of luck for your future.
ME: Thanks Sir, Have a great day and left the counter immediately without asking CO anything nor I turned back or see anyone besides or front of me. I just got little depressed and calmly moved out of the consulate.

** CO not asked me any other documents other than just Passport & i20 nor he asked details like:

  • Why going the USA?
  • Why chosen this University? H
  • How many Universities did you apply?
  • Who’s Funding you?
  • Ties to your Home Country.

I already had all the documents with me but in vain he didn’t even asked me to show any document..

F1 visa Interview – Second Attempt – Hyderabad

  • 19-Jan-2021 @ 8:45am
  • Status- Approved
  • CO Same Male Officer which I faced him my last interview.

Me standing behind the guy who was being interviewed, lengthy interview then he got 214b paper.

The CO signaled me to come and as soon as I moved he scanned my passport barcode and I greet him with saying, “Good Morning Sir, nice to meet you the second time.”

He said, “Oh! I already interviewed you?”. I said, “Yes Sir.”

He then left his counter moved inside spoke to someone and came, then he typed for about two minutes and said me as I’ve already taken your interview so now you’ve to face another officer for this interview, I asked, “where should I go?”. He told the outside counter. I left him saying thanks.

When I moved to another counter already an interview going on. I nearly waited for 10 minutes behind that guy and to my surprise, he was approved. I got positive feelings as his Visa was approved. Then she signaled me to come.

CO (American) Female around 25yrs, Short Height, Cute looks with blonde hair.
She’s asking main-main questions only that too very fast and in a hurry.

ME: Good Morning, Ma’am, but she didn’t respond.
CO: Please show me your Passport barcode through the window.
ME: Raised my Passport. She scanned it.

CO: Ho, I see I’ve already interviewed you.
ME: Yes, ho no-not you Ma’am another officer, she replied yeah-yeah ok sorry with smiling voice.

CO: Show me your i20; she read my college name.
CO: Who’s Funding your education?
ME: My Father has retirement funds worth 62lacs INR as FD, which is liquidated and can be withdrawn anytime. I try to tell her more, but she interrupted and asked…

CO: What’s the Annual Pension of your Father?
ME: 10 Lakhs per annum and we get home rental of around 5 Lakhs per annum and also told that my Father still working under his higher official which he gets a cash-in-hand salary of 6 Lakhs per annum.

CO: Which department?
MR: **** Department

CO: Which position your Father held?
ME: **** postion

CO: Can you please again show me your i20?
ME: Raised it she read something for few seconds.

CO: I see in your application that you’re **** Officer? Can u tell me about your job role?
ME: Explained details.

CO: You have done B.Sc Microbiology, then why you choose that *** officer job?
ME: Ma’am, after my graduation, I’ve done PG Diploma in *** Field, and along with that, I’ve also done major certifications related to my job told her about certification names. I did courses because there was a high impact in Gulf countries, and I got this Professional Job.

CO: Please repeat your PG diploma name?
ME: PG Diploma in ****

CO: What’s the benefit of doing an MBA?
ME: I lack management skills so I want to do MBA in which I can get a higher position.

CO: Can you please give me an example of what position you’ll get?
ME: **** Manager.

She then turned off her Mic, turn around, and spoke to another guy who was behind her, leaning on the wall and observing us since our conversation began. They both discussed nearly 10 minutes by hand reaction and pointing fingers at Monitor. I was getting nervous!

CO turned quickly to her computer, typed something for a minute, and said, your Visa is approved, place your left-hand fingers on the scanner and drop your passport in the box which was kept on the platform only.

Then she asked have you in past two weeks travelled any other places? Me no ma’am.

CO ok before traveling to USA three days before do Covid test.
ME: Thank you ma’am, Have a great day.

She was in very hurry and asked next please!

Benefits of Covid-19 during interview.

  • Wearing masks throughout the interview will hide your facial expression. So the CO can’t see whether you’re nervous or suspect your behavior.
  • Documents are not asked nor touched/checked due to Covid-19, but orally be prepared to answer with confidence. No proofs are being asked to show or submit.

F1 Visa Interview Tips

  • Formal Pair – Light Blue color shirt and any light color pants matching with it.
  • After entering or waiting for your turn, never dare to speak to any other besides or in front of you.
  • Don’t look here and there suspiciously, bcoz you’re being watched through CCTV.
  • Don’t go to the washroom ( Only if it’s very urgent).
  • Reach 30 minutes before your appointment confirmation.
  • Try to get an early appointment of 8-8:45 is.

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