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F2 Visa Interview Experiences, Questions, Answers & Tips

Here’s a collection of F2 Visa Interview Experiences shared by interview attendees from various US Embassy and Consulates.

1. F2 Visa Interview – US Consulate – Mumbai – Approved

I asked a question regarding the F2 visa for my wife a couple of days ago but I received no response.

I’m posting her F2 Visa interview experience so that it may help anyone similar to my situation.

My wife got her F2 visa approved with relative ease despite a bit dicey situation.

Question about F2 Visa Interview

My post-completion OPT is expiring on 2-Feb-2021. I have already applied for STEM OPT extension but waiting on the I797C receipt. My wife has an upcoming F2 visa interview on January 3rd week. I know it’s risky to apply for F2 now, but since my visa would receive a temporary extension of 6 months post-deadline before the decision and since visa processing times are around 4 months, I’m planning to apply for it. Has anyone faced such a situation before? Any suggestions/feedback on how to handle this situation?

Precautions & Prep For F2 Visa interview

DSO of my university college advised me to take FedEx tracking showing that my STEM OPT extension packet is delivered and received as proof that my application was delivered to USCIS since I did not get my receipt yet.

She also took a letter from my manager on official letterhead that my current work authorization is extended for 6 months.

She also asked to take the I-9 employment eligibility verification form (employer files it with USCIS) wherein the newly updated form has 6 months extended work authorization date (this form has sensitive information and hence a redacted form was given by the employer).

All other documents are usual suspects of an F2 visa interview.

F2 Visa Interview Questions

Location: Mumbai Consulate
Date: Jan-2021 (2nd week)

VO: What is your name?
VO: Can you pass me your i20?
VO: Can you pass me your original marriage certificate?
VO: So your husband is doing his Master’s at Georgia Tech?
Wife: No, he has already graduated and is working at Bank of America.
VO: Oh, Bank of America!
Wife: Yes
VO: When did he graduate?
VO: Is he here or in the US?
Wife: He is currently in the US
VO: Congratulations! Your visa is approved.
Wife: Thanks (elated!)

VO didn’t ask for any further documents and approved right away!

I have prepared for the worst possible outcome but the interview went on quite easily and she came out unscathed!

I hope this experience and our preparation help someone who is stuck similar to my situation.

2. F2 Visa Interview – US Consulate Mumbai – Approved

Following experience is shared by Vyoma.

Thank you all for your valuable support and suggestions. I am glad to share that I got my F2 dependent visa approved yesterday 02/19/21 at the Mumbai embassy.

I want to share here my interview experience. The interview held at 11:35 AM. VO was a lady.

Me: Hello ma’am. Good morning..how are you?
VO: Good morning. I am good. Please sanitize your hand and give me your passport and I-20.

Me: Sure ma’am (she checked I-20).
VO: So which type of visa you applied?

Me: I have applied for F2 dependent visa
VO: When did you got married?

Me: Told the details
VO: Did you have arranged marriage or a love marriage?

Me: It was an arranged marriage
VO: How you guys meet?

Me: I told the details
VO: Please give me your marriage certificate

Me: Sure. ma’am.
VO: She checked the marriage certificate and again asked for my marriage date. She got confused between the marriage date and the registered marriage date. Then I gave clarification regarding the same.

VO: Since when is your husband is in the USA?
Me: I gave the answer

VO: What your husband doing there?
Me: He is working for xyz company.

VO: What kind of work he is doing?
Me: told the details regarding his job role and responsibilities

VO: How much he is earning?
Me: I gave the details

VO: Please place your fingers on the biometric machine and sanitize your hand
Me: Sure..ma’am

VO: So I am approving your visa. Congratulations
Me: Thank you, ma’am. Have a good day
VO: Have a good day to you too.

This was my interview experience. Hope it may be helpful for anyone of you.


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