First Time H1B Stamping in Toronto – Oct 29, 2021

Following H1B stamping experience was shared by Shahrukh from F1 Visa Facebook Group.

Here’s my first Time H1B stamping experience in US Consulate in Toronto, Canada (Indian Passport holder with Canada Visitor Visa).

First of all, you do not need two separate appointments in Canada for biometric and interviews. Your biometric and interview happen at the same time.

  • Interview Date: 29 Oct 2021 @ 9:45 am
  • Reached Consulate at 9:40 am.

With only one person in the queue ahead of me, I could get to the security window within 5 mins. At the security window outside the Consulate, asked for the following:

  • Visa appointment confirmation page
  • DS 160 confirmation page
  • Passport

After the documents were verified, the security guard let me inside the Consulate.

I walked straight up to a window where the lady asked me for

  • I-797 Approval Notice
  • Passport
  • DS160 confirmation
  • A passport size photo

She tried to scan my photo, but the system rejected it (a passport-size photo clicked from Costco).

She then directed me to a kiosk in the hallway that clicked passport photo for $10 (CAD). It accepts all credit/debit cards. Kiosk clicked the picture and printed it in a minute.

I walked back with the pictures to my window, and this time when the lady scanned it, the system accepted it. She then took my fingerprints too. Then the passport and DS-160 confirmation, I-797 approval, was put in a blue folder, and she passed the folder to another window.

I was asked to proceed to that next window.

At the interview window:

VO: What is the name of your company?
VO: What city will this be based out of?
VO: Did you do your Study in the US? (I assumed this was asked because I had a CoS from F1 to H1B)
Me: Yes
VO: Major?
VO typed on the computer for a couple of minutes and then handed me a booklet.
VO: This booklet explains your rights in the US as a worker. Also, your Visa is approved, and you should receive an email to collect your passport in 5 to 7 days. I was then handed over all my documents except the passport.

I was out in 20 mins overall (10:05 am).

No paystubs, no LCA, nothing asked for other than approval letter.

A very humble and friendly staff at Toronto Consulate and prompt service.

I later received my passport in two days with the stamp.


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