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4 First Time H1B Visa Stamping Experience – Jan 2021 – Exempt from PP1052

I’m sure you are wondering if you can get stamping for first time H1B Visa approval due to Presedential Proclaimation 10052.

Here are four H1B Via interview experiences that was shared by F1 Visa Facebook Group members.

H1B Visa Stamping – Jan 2021

  • H1B (First Stamping): Approved
  • Consulate: Kolkata
  • OFC date: Jan 19
  • Interview date: Jan 21
  • Regular Visa slot (The emergency request was denied)

Once I reached the counter, the Visa officer asked for my Passport and the Visa type that I was there to be interviewed for.

She then asked me to provide a copy of the I-797 document and asked me the following questions:

  • Do you work for XXX company?
  • Did you pursue your Master’s in the US?
  • When did you graduate?
  • When did you come to India?

I was then asked to place my fingers on the scanner. then VO told that my H1B Visa is approved.
My petition was filed on the first week of June.

My petition was approved on the last week of June.

I came to India in the first week of December.
I hope this information helps. My wishes and good luck to all the aspirants.

H1B Visa Interview – 221(g) – First Time Stamping

  • Interview 15th Jan 2021
  • Regular – H1B first time stamping
  • Location: Delhi

Visa officer asking for the following during the interview:

  • Asked for my I797 & client letter.
  • Asked about my job responsibilities.

Result : handed over 221 g (blue slip)

VO said that, the client letter provided by me was dated April (when my staffing prepared my package to send it to USCIS)

I didn’t pay attention and forgot to get the client letter updated.

For 221(g) reply: They provided me an email address and asked me to upload latest client letter, itinerary of services & contract,& I797, I129, LCA , cover letter submitted to DHS with petition application.

Please make sure your client letter is recent and hope this helps

H1B Visa Stamping – First H1B (COS) – Approved

Initially had a slot for Feb 16,17 Hyderabad but got canceled on Dec 25th.
I was actively looking for slots and found one on Jan 5, 2021 for Jan 14 and 15th in New Delhi. Biometrics was on Jan 14th.

It was a simple and straightforward interview. I was just asked for the passport and appointment confirmation letter and DS160.

Visa officer asked for passport, I-797 and employment confirmation letter.

H1B Visa Interview Questions:

  1. Do you work directly with your company? Yes
  2. What does your company do?
  3. Where is ur company located at?
  4. What is your salary?
  5. How long have you been working with your company?
  6. Highest degree of education ?
  7. Why and when did u travel to India?
  8. Confirmed visa approval!!

First Time H1B Visa Stamping Experience – Jan 2021

  • First time H1B stamping experience.
  • H1B filed: 11th April 2019
  • Got Approval: 12th February 2020
  • Booked appointments: 4th January around 12:00 pm.
  • OFC appointment: 15th January
  • Interview appointment: 21st January

I traveled to India from the USA on 13th January with a Negative RT PCR Covid 19 test and approved exemption from Air Suvidha.

OFC experience:

It was a easy and straight forward process. They did document verification and fingerprint. It took about 25 mins in total.

H1B Visa Interview Experience:

I was waiting time was about 1 hr 20 mins to attend the interview.

H1B Interview Questions asked:

  • Which company do you work for?
  • Since when you are with this company?
  • What is your Salary?
  • What is your position?
  • Where is the company’s headquarter located and where do you work?
  • Are you in-house or client-side?

Then, VO informed your visa is approved.

Got my passport with an H1B stamp today (23rd January).

They have mentioned a statement “Expected from or not subject to PP 10052″ on the visa stamp. So I guess I am exempted from the PP.


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