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H1B & H4 Visa Dropbox Experience

I would like to share my recent H1B and H4 Dropbox stamping experience:

I travelled to India from Chicago ORD to Vijayawada,IN.

  • February 6th was my flight to Delhi and arrived Delhi Sunday 7th 10PM IST
  • February 8th 10am was my Dropbox appointment at Delhi embassy

After completing the Dropbox appointment, I came back to airport to reach Vijayawada.

I opted H1B and H4 Visa Dropbox appointment during my layover time to reach my final destination.

My Dropbox processing time frame:

  • Day1: No status
  • Day2: Applications received
  • Day3: Administrative processing
  • Day4: Admin Processing (H4 Visa was Issued on Day 4)
  • Day5: H1B Visa Stamp Issued

I’m waiting for passports to pickup from blue dart center.

I did some research before I attempt to go for Dropbox appointment.

I hope my experience will help others to make a decision to travel if any one planning to travel.

Additional Details:

  • H1B change of employer Dropbox
  • H4 changed within the US to H1B in October 2020.


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