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H1B & H4 Visa Experience – Chennai – Approved – Jan 2021

Following H1B and H4 Visa interview experience was shared by Bala.

I was eligible for Emergency appointments (EA) through the urgent business need category. I applied for EA on Dec 27th and got approval by Jan 5th. Got a deadline to book by Jan 8th.

  • Biometrics: Jan 27
  • Interview: Jan 28
  • Location: Chennai

H1B and H4 Interview Documents

Passport, Appointment letter, DS160 confirmation page, I-797, Copy of petition filing, US chambers of commerce membership letter, Plaintiffs exception letter, Job offer letter, Past pay stubs, Marriage certificate, a photo album of the wedding, and academic documents.

Biometrics: Documents asked

  • Passport
  • Visa appointment confirmation
  • DS-160 confirmation
  • Captured fingerprints and photo in separate counters for me and my spouse.
  • Only 2 counters were active.

H1B and H4 Visa Interview:

The H1B and H4 visa interview were quite simple and friendly. I and my spouse were at the same counter. The only document that was asked was the passport. The information gets poped up my passport number I guess.

I answered the following Questions

  • Office Location
    Highest degree (We exchanged some humor based on my university )
    How long have you been married? He congratulated on our wedding.
  • Salary

My wife answered the following Questions

  • Will you do Master’s in the USA?
  • Are you working currently and what profile?
  • Do you guys have children?

After typing for some time he took our fingerprints and said the visa is approved for both. Also asked us to follow quarantine rules after reaching the USA and shared the worker rights pamphlet. I saw only two counters were open here as well.


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