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H1B Visa Stamping – Travel & Interview Experience – Jan 2021 – Delhi

Sushant shared the following H1B Visa Stamping experience. I have edited this experience post for clarity.

Pre Departure (USA to India)

Arrival in India

  • Arrived at Delhi, hassle free process if you have pre approved exemption form.
  • Show the completed form (hard copy not required) and they will put a stamp.
  • Then you are all set to leave the airport; given that you are not traveling to other state. Otherwise, you have to go state wise counter to get one stamp.

F1 to H1B – Interview, Timeline & Background

  • Visa Type : H1B
  • First time stamping
  • Lottery picked in ’20
  • F1 stamp is still valid
  • Approval in August ’20
  • I was present in US in June ’20
  • Change of Status happened in October ’20 from F1-OPT to H1B
  • First appointment booked for Mar ’21 in Delhi.
  • First Appointment Cancelled on Jan 3, 2021
  • Second H1B Appointment booked on Jan 5, ’21 (Regular, not emergency) and rescheduled multiple times (I think 3)
  • Traveled to Delhi from Chicago on Jan 21, ’21 by Air India. Reached on Jan 22, ’21.
  • OFC – 24 Jan 2021. Interview – 25 Jan 2021
  • Company is not a part of any plaintiff organizations.
  • FTE role, Regular appointment, Regular Processing

Exempt from Presidential Proclamation

I confirmed couple of times with immigration attorney.

I read the proclamation order and reached to a conclusion that I am not subject to ban as I was in USA. Read more about the Presidential Proclamation Here

OFC Experience

Pretty chill, nothing out of the blue. I was asked for the following documents

  • Passport
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • Appointment confirmation.

I think the whole process was completed in less than 5 minutes. I had my OFC on Jan 24th.
The security guard said only phones and wallets are allowed, with phones in switch off mode. No other electronic device allowed inside the VAC centre.

H1B Visa Interview – 25 Jan (Delhi)

I reached the US Embassy in New Delhi about 45 minutes before the scheduled interview time slot.

I was asked to get security check across the road.

A small article deposit counter was present there to store small items like phones, wallets, watches and other stuff. No bags can be kept there.

After reaching inside the Consulate, temperature was taken. Followed by another round of security checks, then I walked inside the interview room.No documents related to COVID was asked.

Documents asked by VO:

  • Passport
  • H1B approval notice I797
  • Employment Verification letter

H1B Interview Questions

  • Are you returning to same employer?
  • Which company do you work for?
  • How much time have you worked for this company?
  • Have you worked for any other company? (No)
  • What does my company X do?
  • What is your role ?
  • How much is your salary?
  • What are some duties? (I said around coding n all.)
  • Tell me about the features you work on?
  • Then, VO Asked to give fingerprints. Visa is approved.

H1B Interview After Thoughts

  1. Currently, it shows it’s under administrative processing though I haven’t been issued any 221(g) slip.
  2. I think it’s standard now, they say it’s been approved but they do one more check on the background.
  3. I think I will be able to travel to US. As it’s a gonna be valid stamp. There would be some mention on stamp (Read this H1B Stamping Interview)
  4. I think (and it’s just my thought) the Ban would be lifted soon based on recent increase in available slots and proclamation document was removed from the site.

Do you have additional questions from Sushant? Ask Here in this Facebook Thread.


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