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H4 Visa Stamping – Experience & Documents

There are thousands of Visa holders waiting for Visa interview slots. Here’s one H4 Visa interview experince that was posted in the Telegram Group for Visa Interview Slots (3,000+ Members).

Here is my wife’s H4 visa experience and documents she carried:

My wife had an initial visa interview in February and that got canceled, along with the Emergency Appointment rejected in December.

We were able to schedule her interview for Jan 7, 2021, OFC and an interview for Jan 8, 2021, in Mumbai Consulate.

First time h4 stamping.
Married two months ago

Below are the questions asked by consulate officer:

  • How long have you been married?
  • Was it a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
  • Can you show his I-797?
  • Do you have any other proof to show his visa validity? Showed I-94

Below are the H4 Visa stamping document she took with her for the Visa interview:

  • Passport
  • DS160 confirmation page
  • H4 Visa Appointment confirmation page
  • Husband’s Documents:
    • H1B Visa Approval Notice I797 (copy)
    • Latest I-94
    • Passport and visa copy
    • Master’s Degree Diploma (copy)
    • Employer Letter (from HR)
    • Letter from Manager
    • Husbands Paystubs for last 3months
    • Last 3 year’s W2’s
  • US house lease document
  • Previous paystubs and relieving letters(wife)
  • Wife’s Bachelor’s Degree
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage Invitation card
  • Marriage Album

Her initial DS160 was filled based on Hyderabad location.

When I scheduled her interview for Mumbai, I had to retrieve and submit another DS160 for the Mumbai location.

I know everyone was discussing this yesterday, I am not sure if everyone has to do it. It’s up to you. But, as per my employer’s immigration team guidance I did update her DS-160 the day before her OFC.


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