How to Get the Receipt Number via USCIS Emma Chat

How to Get the Receipt Number via USCIS Emma Chat

Are you looking to get your Receipt number for a petition sent to USCIS?

You can use Emma Chat from USCIS to bring your receipt number.

If you want to check if you have been assigned a receipt no please follow these steps

  • Go to the USCIS website and chat with Emma (robot)
  • Type “live agent for receipt number’
  • Choose case status
  • Choose to connect to live chat
  • Choose – I don’t have a receipt number
  • The next step – Explain your request briefly

Example Answer: I applied for the I-765 application 90 days ago, but I have still not received a receipt number.

Emma (robot) will connect you to a live agent.

The agent will ask for your name, date of birth, address, etc.

If they have started working on your application or if your application is now in the system, the agent will give you your receipt number. If not, you will get an automated response.

NOTE: You can get a receipt no without your money order being cashed. The fact that your money order has not been cashed does not mean you don’t have a receipt number.

Get USCIS Receipt via Emma

Here’s another user’s experience:

I had submitted my application through USCIS On Nov. 13th to Dallas, TX.

Unfortunately, my money order got cashed today, and I also got my receipt number by talking to the live agent!


One more example to get USCIS Receipt number from Emma Chat

Initial OPT delivered on 02/11. I got the receipt number from Emma.

You can try to find out yours via Emma. Try messaging Emma with sentences like “chat with live agent” until you see the following message. It might take a few tries.

  • Then click Case Status.
  • Provide a short description of the problem
  • Connect to live chat
  • Wait in the line for maybe 15 minutes; then, a live agent will get your name, phone number, address, etc., and locate your case number for you if it has been created.

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